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fosoto 28inches green color half moon lash light

fosoto 28inches green color half moon lash light

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Are you still using a work light that is fixed, not twisted, not flexible to change the angle of the head, and not convenient to use?

Our new light head can be multi-directional reversal of the angle of the light head, completely stand in your convenient perspective of research and development!


【FOSOTO Upgraded Multifunctional Design】FOSOTO FT-Y16 features multifunctional angle design.Compared to traditional moon lamps, the lamp head can only illuminate downwards and can only be used for beauty purposes. This new design not only use for beauty salon, but also meets the needs of live streaming,makeup,photography,hair beauty ect. Specially designed for eyelash elongation artists, tattooists, beauticians, nail technicians, skincare professionals, as well as reading, threading, and handcrafting activities.Changing the angle allows you to choose the lighting angle that best suits you, giving you more function display opportunities than others traditional moon lamp

【Easy to adjust angle】 The moon lamp with a universal adapter is specially designed for different scenarios. After you finish eyelashes for the client, you need to stand up to help them apply makeup or take videos. You only need to rotate the lamp head to adjust to the most suitable lighting angle for you to use.

【High CRI】Featuring high-quality lamp beads with high CRI≥95, it will not emit excessively dazzling or uncomfortable glare, which can harm and fatigue your eyes,you will receive a high-quality image or video with our light, as our high standard lamp beads will make your image brighter and more colorful.

【Intelligent Control】The half-moon lamp adopts advanced intelligent touch control, which is convenient to adjust the color temperature and brightness. Intelligent memory function can remember the last adjusted light brightness, no need to adjust again,Simply click to use directly

【Moon Shaped Design】Designed with a half-moon shape, It can effectively reduce shadows and evenly illuminate the face with light

【Bi-Color Temperature】3200K-5600K adjustable color temperature, Adjusting brightness and color temperature with fingers,More advanced and aesthetically pleasing,which can meet your needs of light in different usage conditions.

【Stable Base】sturdy and heavy metal base, which can effectively prevent tipping over,the half-moon light more stable when rotated 360 °, making it convenient for storage and working at different angles.

【With Cell Phone Clip】Equipped with a mobile phone holder, you can take photos or videos for customers when you are working

【Adjustable stand】The stand can be freely adjusted height, with a convenient and flexible design to meet the needs of different heights in your daily work.



Color: white black pink

Brightness: stepless dimmer

CRI: RA>95

Power; 45W

Illuminance: 2500LM

LED quantity: 320pcs

Lamp size:70cm/28 inch

Color temperature: 3200k-5600k

Material: aluminum alloy and ABS

Packing size: 89*41*10cm

Weight: 6.9kg

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